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I've helped numerous clients define, establish, and enrich their users’ online experiences as a thought leader, designer, strategist and mentor.


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A website is one of the best recognized means for an organization to communicate with its audience - and web design is one of the most commonly recognized roles in presenting information to an online audience. UX (User Experience) is a name that's been adopted to describe a number of activities that help to define an organization's digital interactions with their audiences.

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What do UXers do?


We study users' needs and behavior as they relate to the current project, research industry trends and evaluate competitors' approaches to similar situations. .


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We collaborate with stakehholders to devise solutions, and create artifacts like mockups, prototypes, wireframes, and personas to help the team visualize how the proposed solutions will look, feel and work.


We look at the 10,000 foot view across multiple channels and demographics to target stakeholders' messaging..

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