Inventiv / GSW: Information Architect 2012
Elsevier / medAI:
UCD Lead (Contractor) 2012
Fahlgren Mortine:
Information Architect (Contractor) 2012
Discover Financial: User Experience Architect (Contractor) 2011-12
OSU College of Medicine: Business Analyst - UX (Consultant) 2010-11
Resource Interactive: Information Architect (Contractor) 2010

MindLeaders, Inc.:    User Experience Designer - 2008-2010
Scotts Miracle Gro:   Portal UI Developer, SAP - 2008   UI Developer, Comparison Shopping Search Engine - 2006-2008
Nationwide Insurance:   UI Developer, Custom Rapid Solutions (Lotus Domino) - 2006
Independent:   UI Design / User Experience Development freelance consultant, including:

  · Ohio School Facilities Commission:    Website design and deployment consultant - 2004-2006

  · Nationwide Financial:    Business analysis and project prototype development - 2004

  · State of Ohio, Office of Information Technology:   Website design / Template Production - 2003
Allen Williams & Hughes Co:    User Interface & Graphics Consultant - 1999-2003


Platform Support Experience: Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio; ASP, SQL, PHP, Netweaver (SAP), Eclipse (Java), Domino (Lotus).

Extensive Experience (10+ yrs): Professional Experience: Expert level (20+ yrs)
  • DreamWeaver
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • Photoshop
  • XML
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Flash Actionscript
  • Visio
  • MS Office
  • Axure
  • Protoshare
  • Mockflow
  • Director
  • Freehand
  • Illustrator
  • PageMaker
  • 3D Studio
  • Painter
  • Poser
  • CorelDRAW
    • publications
    • conference lecturer
    • professional instructor



Inventiv Healh / GSW: Information Architect 04/12 - Present

Information Architecture staffing pool providing support to leading Pharmaceutical Advertising agency;

Elsevier / medAI
: UCD Lead (contractor) 04/12 - 07/12

User Centric Design contractor providing support to large design team creating documentation and prototyping of complex reporting applications;

Fahlgren Mortine
: Information Architect (contractor) 02/12 - Present

Information Architecture contractor providing support to PR / Digital agency:

Discover Financial: User Experience Architect 04/11 - 02/12

Onsite Contractor providing UI design support for WMS development

Ohio State University College of Medicine: Business Analyst (UX) 11/10 - 01/11

User Experience and UI consultant supporting development team for Medical School LMS update

Resource Interactive: Information Architect (contractor) 05/10 – 12/10

Information Architecture consultant providing support to leading agency:

Projects include: KeyBank, Hewlett Packard, Constellation Energy, Procter & Gamble (Clairol)


MindLeaders, Inc: User Experience Designer 11/08 – 01/10

GUI design, usability and information architecture for LMS & TMS web-based application platforms:

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company: User Interface Designer / Developer 02/08 – 09/08

Redesign of Corporate Intranet in SAP Netweaver Portal 7.0 User Interface Designer / Developer 11/06 – 02/08

UI development including Website design, user interaction and information architecture:

Nationwide Insurance: UI Designer 06/06 – 10 /06

Design & Implementation of User Interfaces for Custom Rapid Solutions, in-house IT projects based on Lotus Notes platform and implemented with Domino Developer:

Freelance & Contract: UI Designer & Multimedia Consultant 11/03 – 11/06

Consultation, design and production for website, e-mail template and web-based application development:

Selected Clients:

State of Ohio - Office of Information Technology; Ohio School Facilities Commission; Nationwide Financial Services; Florida Credit Union League; International Trademark Association; Montana Retail Association; ConnectSys Inc; Ohio State Medical Association; Erdey Eye Group; Sophisticated Systems, Inc.; Comm Partners, Inc., Your Daruma Marketing Inc; Allen, Williams & Hughes Co.,


Allen, Williams & Hughes Co.: User Interface & Graphics Consultant - 12/99 - 10/03


Development Team member for information architecture, template design, UI production and development for commercial websites and proprietary web-based applications:

Selected Clients:

Ohio Department of Commerce (Division of Financial Institutions); School Employee Retirement System of Ohio; Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services; Ashland Chemical Co; The Columbus Foundation; Infinity Broadcasting; Workforce Development of Ohio; Adena Health Systems Inc.; The Columbus Zoo; Columbus Plastic Surgeons; Thomas W. Ruff & Co., geoDocs (internal product)



The Web People
: Internet Developer
- 4/99 - 12/99

Design and production of websites for medical clientele and proprietary medical portal site:

  • Research, requirements development, design, production, content development, usability and interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Medical illustration
  • HTML/DHTML/Javascript coding
  • ASP programming supervision, project management & supervision of development teams
  • Usage analysis and search engine optimization
  • Marketing and promotion

Selected projects:

The Network Project - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Project MED - The Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University; Roxane Laboratories (public website and product websites); Medical Spectrum (proprietary public information portal).


Independent Internet Developer / Multimedia Producer 1/98 - 4/99


Selected Projects:

Molecular Events in Progression/Prevention of Oral Cancer
NIH Program Project Grant
Gary D. Stoner, PhD, Principal Investigator

Presentation to NIH review committee, Bethesda MD, January 1998


The Ohio State University School of Public Health
John R. Wilkins, MPh, Principal Investigator 4/98 - 2/99

Website (Development platforms: SGI Irix and Unix server)


A Novel Assay For Mutation Detection
The Ohio State University Research Foundation, Technology Transfer
Christopher M. Weghorst, PhD, Principal Investigator
Multimedia CD-ROM


Instructional Aid Associate, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Department of Surgery - 4/97 - 12/97


Development and production of multimedia training materials for surgical education:
  • Conceptualization, organization, scripting, technical writing, illustration, graphic design, usability assessment and interface design, multimedia authoring, production and project management of computer-based, multimedia training materials for surgeons.
  • Supervision of intraoperative videography during surgical procedures; post production direction and editing of surgical video and animation; selection and digital conversion of video clips for use as multimedia content.
  • Regular consultation with surgical and basic science faculty to maintain and expand knowledge of surgical anatomy and technique, histology and cellular mechanisms, laboratory techniques and molecular biology in order to provide the most sophisticated and up-to-date conceptualization in diagrams and drawings.

Publication Specialist: The Ohio State University Medical Center, Department of Surgery - 1992-1997


Development and production of audiovisual materials including:

  • Video, slide presentations, computer-based models and presentations, posters, etc.
  • Development and artistic rendering of visual models including but not limited to: Diagrams of surgical techniques and procedures; Medical illustrations of anatomic, cellular and molecular processes; Graphic representations of clinical, scientific, and research data; Diagrammatic representations of experimental design
  • Video documentation of surgical procedures, laboratory protocols, and microscopy of pathologic specimens; Digitization and editing of video content for presentation media
  • Outlining and organization of scientific and clinical information
  • Production design and graphic design to integrate all media content into final presentation
  • Coordinating production with service bureaus and production houses
Assisted in development and production of applications for extramural support:
  • Assisting faculty with basic outlining and organization of scientific and clinical information
  • Proofreading, copy editing, and digital formatting of manuscripts
  • Development and artistic rendering of visual models as described above to complement text of applications
  • Preparation of final manuscripts using desktop publishing: Page design and layout; incorporation of text, illustrations, scanned images, legends, indices and references into integrated document

Technical Illustrator, Neoprobe Corporation - 1994-1997


In-house illustrator and graphic designer for biotechnology company:

  • Design and production of 35 mm slide presentations, for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Design and production of detailed 3-D models of surgical instrumentation and anatomy; Design and production of animations from completed models, for training surgeons and instrument operators in instrument function and novel surgical techniques
  • Training of company staff in the use of CorelDRAW to create slides, diagrams, and simple illustrations



  • Radioimmunoguided Surgery Case Reports.
    Martin, EW Jr, Boso, MB, Bertsch DJ.
    Seminars in Colon & Rectal Surgery 6:4; 234-243,1995.

  • Surgical Applications of Gamma-Detecting Probes.
    Burak, WE Jr., Boso, MB, Thurston, MO, Martin EW Jr.
    Surgical Technology International V, 1996.


  • Vitamin E is Nature's Antioxidant
    Lester Packer, Ph.D. Scientific American Science and Medicine.
    October 1993 (premiere issue)
    Seven full-color illustrations.

  • Bone Marrow Transplantation
    Burt, RK, et al. Chapman & Hall 1996.
    Book cover.

  • Acute Allograft Rejection
    Orosz, CG. RG Landes Co., Austin. 1996
    Multimedia CD-ROM.

Featured Artist:

  • The CorelDRAW Wow! Book
    Sharon Steuer, Shane Hunt. Peachpit Press 1999

  • CorelDRAW 8 F/X
    Shane Hunt. Ventana Press, 1998

  • Looking Good with CorelDRAW!
    Sheldon Nemoy, CJ Aiken. Ventana Press, 1993

  • Surgical Precision: Medical Illustration and CorelDRAW
    October, 1995. The International CorelDRAW Users' Conference, Dallas TX
    " The most popular seminar of the conference..."
    Rick Altman, Conference Host, in Corel magazine, December 1995

  • Getting More from CorelDRAW
    Full-Day Workshop, invited instructor.
    July, 1996. Annual Conference, Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), Cincinnati, OH

  • Managing Libraries of Visual Elements
    The Return of The Body Electric
    September, 1996. The International CorelDRAW Users' Conference, Baltimore, MD


Professional references available on request